• Location: Lyndhurst, Ohio

Legacy Village Parking Garage

The Legacy Village Parking Garage in Ohio is a post-tensioned parking garage adjacent to a Hyatt Place Hotel. We provided the contractors with rebar and accessories to make this project successful. It unites shopping, entertainment, and dining. Zigler Construct worked with Northcoast Concrete on the hotel and Donley’s Construction on the parking garage to supply the black and epoxy rebar. Mohawk Rebar placed the rebar and the post-tensioning cables.

Patrick Schwartz, a member of the sales and estimating team who sold the project and served as the lead project manager, said that one of the biggest challenges was the tight space on the job site. The crews were able to coordinate their work in a way that overcame this problem. Effective communication led to efficient work on the job site, which made a difference in the project timeline. Don Young, the detailer for the project, was part of the solution.

“Due to the jobsite design and conditions, I was tasked to make many changes to shop drawings to meet the needs of the field,” Young said. “There were existing utilities and unexpected obstacles that caused redesign of the building. It was my duty to make our shop drawings match what the field saw so placement of rebar would go very productive.”

There is much more that goes into a parking garage than most drivers realize. With our outstanding team of experienced professionals, now the parking garage stands 4 levels tall and parks 370 cars.