Rebar Detailing

At Zigler Construct, our rebar detailers prepare shop drawings for the placement of the reinforcing steel. Our detailing team figures bends shapes and lap splices to meet the project specifications. We determine the placing sequence of the rebar so that you can meet your schedule.

With our team, we create detailed placing drawings that stand out from the competition. We use the latest in CAD technology and have more than 150 years of combined experience to create drawings that show the rebar layout. These drawings are so detailed that contractors often refer to our drawings in place of the structures for visualization. This simplifies the ironworkers’ job of placing and reduces installation costs.

Investing extra time and effort in the drawings ultimately saves time and money in the shop and on the job site. Accurate drawings are one way that we make customer service a priority. For the best rebar detailing in the industry, contact us to have our experienced team work for you.